Introductory Special - Up to 25% OFF Bolyu Carpet Tiles

Our first shipment of Bolyu Carpet Tiles has arrived and are now available for the first time in Australia!

This is exciting news if you’re looking for an attractive, lasting, eco-friendly flooring solution to fit out your commercial property or office space.
As an introductory offer for a limited time we have decided to take up to 25% OFF the quality range of Carpet Tiles.

You won't find a better quality carpet tile available at this price, so be sure to get in quick! 

Are you renovating? Do your floors need a makeover?
Bolyu carpet tiles are an ideal flooring for any commercial property or interior office space, no matter what type of business you run. In fact, when we moved into our new office and chose to install Bolyu carpet tiles – We were so impressed with their look and performance that we thought more businesses throughout Australia needed them too.
The durable, easy to install Bolyu carpet tiles function beautifully, and as you can see from the picture below, they enhance the look of our showroom space. 







Along with their appealing look, lasting quality and ability to be easy installed, Bolyu carpet tiles are manufactured with two stand out innovations - Puralex and Nexterra.

Nexterra modular carpet tile backing is a high-performance and low weight flooring system that withstands long-term use. Constructed from recycled content, such as PET beverage bottles and glass, Nexterra diverts waste away from our overflowing landfills.

Puralex is a safe, salt-compound product that helps to reduce odours in the room by breaking down airborne organic molecules into inert material. All smells – such as smoke, ammonia, and food (even fish!) – dissipate quickly!




We are proud to be able to offer Bolyu Carpet Tiles for the first time in Australia. We have a range of attractive and stylish colours currently available. 

If you would like to learn more about the range, discuss our introductory offer and receive a free sample. Speak to our friendly team today.

Request a free sample here. 

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