The Benefits of Buying Entrance Matting Vs Renting

The Benefits of Buying Entrance Matting Vs Renting


For a short-term solution renting a mat can seem like an easy solution. However most business require a long term matting solution when it comes to keeping dirt and dust out of their buildings

Buying your own Entrance Mat not only puts an end to the locked in contracts with never ending rental fees but also creates an opportunity for you to impress your customers.

Rental maintenance / cleaning isn’t always enough

Most rental companies will talk about the convenience of having your mat picked up weekly and replaced with a clean mat but cleaning requirements can vary depending on a number of factors. There is nothing convenient about you or your customers having to step over a muddy or dirty mat due to poor weather for the next pick up date.

Quality: The purchased Entrance Mat creates a lasting impression

Identity Matters Commercial Entrance Matting is customized to your needs, your space, and your customers. An undersized or bunched up mat is not the first impression you want your customers to have – Unlike rental mats, Identity Matters offer high quality mats with secure edging material that doesn’t bunch, lift, slip or cause a trip hazard. Our mats are sized to fit your space and can be customized with your business name or logo.

Rental Service: You’re A Valued Customer, until you’re a customer?

Here’s an excerpt from a Yelp review we found for a large rental matting company:

 “I haven't heard from my sales rep in 2 years (since we signed) and it takes about 3 weeks to 2 months for anyone other than the billing department to contact you.  Very poor customer service. I will be cancelling the contract and never using them again at any other building/company


 I work for.”  Identity Matters prides itself on strong customer service and solutions. Our customer service team are creative, dedicated and well-equipped to service your matting needs. Forget the rental fees, the limited sizes and colour selections and choose to buy not rent.

Get up close and personal with our custom mats. We understand that sometimes you need to touch and feel our mats before you make a decision.
Call us on 1800 300 311
We will happily post you mat swatches and samples to help you on your way to picking the perfect mat for your application.

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