PrintScraper Logo Mat


The PrintScraper Logo Mat is a functional and affordable outdoor mat ready to create a real impact at your entrance.


With its specially designed scraper surface it’s highly effective at removing dirt, debris and moisture from footwear. And with the ability to print an engaging and crisp image with incredible clarity, this mat will be sure to welcome your clients in style!


Base Colours*:



(Min purchase value $200)

Artwork Requirements


  • Unique blend of nylon fibres provide superior scraping action against dirt and debris
  • High-quality dyes offer brilliant colour fastness and image durability
  • Strong rubber backing provides maximum durability in high traffic applications
  • Indoor and outdoor version available
  • Outdoor version features unique drainage holes for excess water
  • Fully launderable


Foot Traffic:
Nitrile rubber
Launderable, vacuum, sweep or hose
Medium / high
Wet & dry

 Design Guidelines


1. Optimal file types: Vector files i.e. .eps, .pdf, .ai.

2. Save only what you want to appear on the mat - please do not include comments in the same file.

3. Please ensure all lines/strokes in the design are a minimum of 10mm (8 pixels).

4. The thickness of a logo or text that is a light colour on a dark background must be  a minimum of 7mm (5 pixels) - although we suggest 10mm (8 pixels).

5. The thickness of a logo or text that is a dark colour on a light colour background must be a minimum of 4mm (3 pixels) - although we suggest 10mm (8 pixels).

6. Text should be a minimum of 50mm (40 pixels) tall.

7. Gaps in between letters should also be 10mm (8 pixels), 5mm (4 pixels) is the  minimum where required.

8. The logo should begin 50mm (from the edge of the mat, or alternatively borders at the edge of the mat should be 50mm (40 pixels) in thickness.

9. Text legibility is improved by using highly contrasting colours.

10. Any white outlines around logos should be at least 7mm (5 pixels) wide.

11. Please convert all fonts to curves.

12. Coloured borders around the edge of mats must be a minimum of 50mm wide.

13. Registered trademarks must be a minimum of 50mm (40 pixels) for readability, or remove if possible and appropriate.


Get up close and personal with our custom mats. We understand that sometimes you need to touch and feel our mats before you make a decision.
Call us on 1800 300 311
We will happily post you mat swatches and samples to help you on your way to picking the perfect mat for your application.

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